African American Research Library Rewarding Killer Cops, According to McBean Lawyer

The following is another letter from David Schoen, the attorney for Jermaine McBean’s family.

…I wrote a letter to Ms. Janice B. Henry, the President of the African-American Research Library and Cultural Center, laying out the whole case regarding Jermaine and asking her, with Black History Month coming to a close, to publicly disassociate the AARLCC from the award given to Peraza and to publicly apologize to the McBean family for being part of the award process, even if unwittingly.

As I was writing to her, I decided to do a bit more research on the award ceremony and the Gold Cross Award given to Peraza and Lacerra.  Here is what I learned.  On the night Peraza was given the award, 10/22/13, a total of 6 people were given the Gold Cross Award.  EACH OF THE 6 GCA RECIPIENTS RECEIVED HIS AWARD FOR HIS ACTIONS IN KILLING AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN MAN.  ONE OF THE RECIPIENTS WAS INVOLVED IN THE KILLING OF 2 AFRICAN-AMERICAN MEN, ONE WEEKS BEFORE JERMAINE WAS KILLED AND ONE WEEKS AFTER.

Pretty shocking – and all at the AARLCC.  And remember how the Sheriff has said giving the award to Peraza was a mistake and it is against policy to give an award while the investigation is still open?  The investigation was still open in each of these cases.

Read the full letter here.

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