Black Banking in South Florida

Since the killing of Philando Castile & Alton Sterling, many outraged people, and supporters of Black Lives Matter, are calling on people to “Bank Black.” Miami Herald estimated 1000 people came for a “Bank Black” event at One United Bank this past weekend! We’ve also received a lot of inquiries about this call to action.

While many have been trying to organize people to show up in person at One United Bank, please also note that you can create an account very quickly online at

There are actually other forms of banking that people can use to divest from large US banks. Credit Unions are another form of banking that have some advantages because they are far more customer-oriented. You can find a list of some of the black-owned FCU’s here, and there are a few in South Florida.

While boycott tactics have not had a lot of success in the US in recent years, you may find the story of black-led “Boycott Miami” campaign very interesting.¬†Eventually, we must combat white supremacy from all angles in order to dismantle it once and for all.

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