Black Lives Matter Alliance Supports Dayonte Resiles Friday

Dayontes Resiles is one of Broward County’s most well known murder defendants. He has been the subject of many media stories, particularly since he escaped from the Broward County Courthouse on July 15th, 2016 and eluded law enforcement for 6 days.
Now that Dayontes’s criminal case is proceeding, he is possibly going to become a death penalty prospect.
The Movement for Black Lives has become partially defined by its resistance to the ongoing killings of young black people by the state. A legally allowed execution is an execution nonetheless.
There are many other facts to this case that make it a lot less likely that Dayonte is the murderer that BSO and the media have made him out to be. In fact, there seem to be a lot of people who can speak to the character of Dayonte in the Fort Lauderdale community. Black Lives Matter activists will meet with some of them Friday morning at the Broward County Courthouse, at Dayonte’s court hearing.
As always, we call for justice for the black and brown community members of Broward County who tend to receive the harshest prejudices and prosecutions by the US police state.
Drop the charges against Dayonte.

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