Black Youth Assembly Statement for Damain Martin

“My name is Jenn, and I go to Fort Lauderdale High School. I am a youth activist within Broward County, and I am here to announce a call to action. Since 1980, no Broward County officer has been arrested for a fatal, on-duty police shooting. That covers about 168 deaths.
“It has long been established that justice rarely works in our favor. How can we stop the brutality in a system that seems to deny the fact that black people are getting shot and killed for walking down the street?
“The best route to enact change is to host a discussion amongst various different members of the Broward County black community to discuss our specific demands from the police department. We must continue our fight against this unjust system, because more of our brothers and sisters will die if we don’t.”

Read more about the March for Damain Martin from Sun Sentinel.IMG_20190622_160358

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