Calvon Reid – Indict or We Will Stand Up and Fight Back

calvon reidOn February 22nd, 2015 Calvon Reid stumbled into a Coconut Creek community bleeding and pleading desperately for help. Mr. Reid approached Perry Weiss, a resident at a community in Coconut Creek at approximately 1:00 AM asking for a ride to the hospital. According to the Wynmoor Resident, Calvon was in pain but he was not acting disorderly.

Not feeling comfortable with the request from Calvon, the resident called an ambulance instead. When the paramedics arrived they said that Calvon was acting uncontrollable so they called the police to restrain him.

“He was calm, he was pleasant, he didn’t argue. He wasn’t looking to do any harm to me, he needed help. He didn’t get wild or noisy.” – Perry Weiss, Wynmoor Resident.

The police responded to the paramedics request by stunning unarmed Calvon into unconsciousness. As a result, Mr. Reid never recovered and died two days later at a local hospital. Official records released by the city revealed that the officers involved in the taser discharge had expired stun-gun certifications.

The Coconut Creek Police Department spent the following two weeks after Calvon’s death updating their stun gun certificates while ignoring multiple request from the family and community about details involving the case. The Coconut Creek Police Department did not actually notified the public that a police-involved shooting took place until a week after the incident.

Broward County Medical Examiner’s Office listed Reid’s cause of death a homicide as a result of the tasers used by the officers to stun him.

An internal police investigation cleared the officers of any wrong doing in the death of Calvon Reid and the three officers were back on the job within three months of the incident. The internal investigation citied that the use of force by the police officers was justified because Calvon was aggressive and incoherent with the police. The police chief resigned from his position shortly after the death and the investigation was turned over to the Broward State Attorney’s office for (SAO) further review.

Back in June, the (SAO) stated that they will take the case to a grand jury to decide whether or not to indict the police officers involved in the shooting. The grand jury helps the prosecutor (SAO) decide whether or not to bring criminal charges on the police officers.

What are the requirements for a grand jury to decide to indict someone? As good as the information that the prosecutor (SAO) presents the case. What are the requirements for a grand jury to decide to indict someone? The only requirement is that probable cause exists to support criminal charges against the police officers. It is a very low standard. You could have one witness come in and testify without any corroborating physical evidence and get an indictment.

None of the witness at Wynmoor reported that Calvon was fighting back. All it would take is one Wynmoor resident like Perry Weiss to testify to the grand jury to indict these three police officers.

“One of the cops says something to him and socks him. He hit him. Just bam. This guy was no threat to anybody, he was on the ground. He was tied. There’s something wrong here.: – Marc Lamorte, Boyfriend of Wynmoor Resident. (Sun Sentinel)

On November 9-10th, a Grand Jury will make the decision whether or not to indict the three police officers who killed the unarmed Calvon Reid.

Broward Residents, The State Attorney’s Office and the Coconut Creek Police Department are relying on us not to care and follow up on this case. Waiting this long to bring it to a grand jury has been very INTENTIONAL.They want us to forget and move on with our lives. Since Michael Satz, our Elected Broward State Attorney, stated that we can hold him PERSONALLY responsible for whatever decision the grand jury makes let’s show him that we mean business.

He works for us not the other way around. We will not rest until justice is served!

Broward State Attorney’s:  Indict these police officers or we will stand up and fight back!

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