Defund. Because “No Duty to Protect”.

Warren vs. District of Columbia

Town of Castle Rock vs. Gonzales

Lozito vs. New York City

Each of these cases were decided based on the public duty doctrine ruling that “the duty to provide public services is owed to the public at large, and, absent a special relationship between the police and an individual no specific legal duty exists.”

3 women were raped, robbed and beaten by two men for fourteen hours because…

3 daughters, murdered by their father, while one mother’s restraining order went ignored because…

an innocent man, and a Good Samaritan nearly stabbed to death because…

The Supreme Court of the United States of America has found that the police have no duty to protect.

These officers of the law do not have to have any special degree to execute citizens in the streets. They go to private academies for less than a year to become licensed professionals; eligible for qualified immunity when hired by a law enforcement agency. They are trained to view every interaction with Jamal Public with suspicion and malice. They are trained to identify laws broken and arrest the degradation of society. Their mandate is for the safety of the public, in general, not the well being of any individual citizen. They are agents of a corrupt racist institution whose function is to ensure the integrity of the system as it is. They protect and serve property owners for the public good. They provide law and order for the public good.

Between the 16th and 19th centuries nearly 12 Million enslaved Black Africans were transported across the Atlantic Ocean to the European colonies occupying the Americas. Black Africans and their descendants sold at auction and traded like so much livestock for the worst part of 100 years after even the British ended their own slave practices, officially. After revolution these descendants were counted as 3/5s of a white man to determine voting rights for property owners in a system designed exclusively for white men. After civil war the Democrats traded the White House to restore white rule in the south. Thus there has always been a thin blue line between Black people and every right, every freedom, God given, inalienable or otherwise. 

What could the Black people have achieved with a liberated debt free country of their own? What could the Black people have achieved with 40 acres and a mule? What could the Black people achieve if even half of BSO’s Billion Dollar Budget were applied to feeding, housing and educating Black people rather than policing them.

The police do not protect us. WE PROTECT US.Decriminalize Black People. Decarcerate Black People. Disarm the police. Defund the police.

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