Defund FLPD Campaign Begins!

Those who came to our protest on Sunday, May 31st you know our action was peaceful. Things escalated after our protest ended, when folks were walking to their cars and a Ft. Lauderdale Police (FLPD) Officer mashed a young lady’s head into the ground. This continued to escalate when another (FLDP) hit another non-violent protester in the head with a rubber bullet.

We want 10 million dollars to be defunded from FLPD immediately so they can no longer have the resources to cause grave harm in our communities and instead have those resources be invested in community led measures that are actually equipped to keep our communities safe.

We are looking for folks to email, make calls and be available to make comments leading up to and on June 16th, which is the date for Fort Lauderdale’s next virtual city commission meeting. Our goal is to apply enough pressure for them to make a vote in favor of demands at their next meeting. Fill this out for next steps:

We’re also accepting donations to help power this campaign here.

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