Now We Are Moving Forward With Defunding BSO and FLPD on Tuesday, June 16th

Thank you to everyone who emailed The Fort Lauderdale Commissioners calling on them to #DefundThePolice / Fort Lauderdale Police Department by 10 million dollars during their next meeting this upcoming Tuesday, June 16th at 6:00pm.
Now we need people who are available to speak during the meeting. We want to prioritize people who live in Fort Lauderdale and came to our action on Sunday, May 31st in downtown Fort. Lauderdale, especially people who witnessed the violence that FLPD committed on peaceful and non-violent protesters.
Here is the step by step process for filling out a speaker card. Also if you are not speaking but want to support in other ways such as making phone calls to commissioners, participating in our twitter storm or supporting our #DefundBSO campaign go directly to this link However speakers for Tuesday evening, follow these 10 steps below:
defund flpdStep 1: Visit the link by clicking here.
Step 2: Select Regular Meeting
Step 3: Enter Contact Info
Step 4 & 5: Unless someone else is speaking on your behalf select no on Speaking on Requester’s Behalf* and leave the next section blank
You would only select yes if you cannot attend the meeting (i.e. work, caregiving duties, etc) and you designate someone else to speak on something you written and/or emailed beforehand
Step 6: For your view select Oppose
Step 7: For CRA Meeting Agenda leave this part blank
Step 8:  For Regular Meeting Agenda Item Number check “CR-1”
Step 9: [Optional] Upload photos that will amplify our message of defunding the police and investing in our communities.
Step 10: Once you complete these steps please fill out this form, we want to make sure we follow up with everyone. We also need folks to attend the virtual Broward County Commission Meeting on the same day at 10:00am calling to defund the Broward Sheriff Office.
#DefundBSO #DefundFLPD


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