George Floyd Protest Sunday 05.31.20

Over Three Thousand Gather in Solidarity in Ft. Lauderdale

Black Lives Matter Alliance Broward, Broward Dream Defenders, Broward Democratic Socialists of America, and other community groups and elected officials rallied against rampant police violence across the country.

Broward County, FL – Organizers of today’s protest and march successfully gathered over three thousand people to speak out against police violence.
george floyd ft lauderdale

Protestors gathered at Bubier Park for a speaking program. Featured speaker, LaCandis Reid, talked about her brother, James Leatherwood who was shot and killed by Hollywood SWAT back in September of 2018 connecting what happened to George Floyd back locally. Then, people marched through the streets of Downtown Ft. Lauderdale chanting “no justice, no peace” before heading to the Ft. Lauderdale Police Department for another speak out.

The organizers of the protests had street medics, safety liaisons, and peacekeepers that kept the action safe. Once completing the second speak out at the Ft. Lauderdale Police Department folks successfully marched back to Bubier Park.

Pastor David, of Cruciform Church, closed out the action with a spiritual message. At 6:15pm the organizers of the protest closed, encouraging everyone to go home, watch out for each other, and to keep each other safe.

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