Hallandale Beach Wants to Scrap Its Police Review Board

The City Commission of Hallandale Beach is proposing to “sunset
its Community Police Advisory Committee at its next meeting, Wednesday, April 18th.

hallandaleSo far there hasn’t been much of an explanation as to why. But it is fair to say that the Community Police Advisory Committee in Hallandale, like so many other government-based attempts to hold their own police accountable, hasn’t accomplished much of anything.

They found no wrong-doing in the shooting death of Howard Bowe, Jr in 2014, even though SWAT officers burst into his apartment at 6 am and shot him in the chest with a shotgun.

They found no wrong-doing in the case of Michael Eugene Wilson, who was shot to death by HBPD in 2016…but his friend Tyler Shuman was charged with murder for his death. HBPD, to this day, still hasn’t given Michael’s possessions back to his family.

These families are still looking for the justice denied them by the City of Hallandale Beach. Systemic racism in the City, including issues with segregation, and issues with the City Commissioners themselves, is far from over. Why isn’t the City talking about making an EFFECTIVE citizens police review process, instead of getting rid of it entirely?

Please join Hallandale community members and #BLM954 as we asks these questions in Hallandale at their next City Commission meeting, Wednesday, April 18th, at 6:30 pm. 


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