Help Billie Beat Police Brutality Fundraising Challenge

help billie beat police brutalitySince February, Black Lives Matter Alliance has been supporting a fellow police brutality activist who was themselves brutally beaten in Broward County Jail.  Unlike many other cases we advocate for, the legal aid for this case relies directly on the Alliance and its supporters.

Billie’s trial for disorderly conduct, trespassing, and resisting arrest without violence is on November 8th – election day. With just 11 days to go, the Alliance needs $500 for their legal defense fund by the time of trial. You can find the original crowdfunding page to “Help Billie Beat Police Brutality” here.

In case the dire details of this brutality case are not enough, the Alliance will be offering the following art fundraising challenge until Election Day.

Cats Against Police Brutality – For $20, we’ll draw your cat! Send us a picture of your cat today! Drawings will be posted online for now and shipped later.
Puppet Show Challenge – For $75, you get a 3 minute online puppet show, your choice of topic.

Black Lives Matter Original Art – For $100, you get an original inkwash drawing featuring a historic moment from the Black Lives Matter movement.

Help Billie Beat Police Brutality is the Alliance’s only campaign that relies directly on our supporters for legal defense costs. We hope the Black Lives Matter movement will once again show that we can defense our own police brutality activists from being victimized by the police state. If you’d like to make an order for the fundraising challenge, try the contact form or message us on Facebook.


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