Help Billie Beat Police Brutality

The following is a plea for solidarity for our friend Billie, who has done so much to support victims of police brutality over the years:

On the morning of Feb. 2nd, in the prisoner intake of the Broward County Jail, in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Billie, like so many countless femme bodies kidnapped by police, was beaten by 5 police officers who then used 4 Tasers on them administering 200,000 volts of electricity into the 120 pound woman’s body. Police targeted their tawer guns to Billie’s chest. This was an obvious attempt to try to kill them. After this Billie was not taken to the hospital but instead the police rippeblack lives matter alliance browardd the prongs out of their skin; all except the one that was fixed in the middle of Billie’s chest which Billie pulled out themselves. This happened as Billie was screaming and crying on the floor as police demanded they get up or they would taser them again after police had already tasered Billie 3 times.

Besides the PTSD from surviving police brutality Billie has cuts, scabs and scars where the prongs entered and were ripped from their body. Billie also has bruises and nerve damage as well as experiencing flashbacks and panic attacks daily from triggers from the attack.

largePolice violence is a heinous act that is traumatic and horrifying experience. As Billie fights their charges they will have to relive this terror over and over again as they go through legal proceedings.

Billie has done amazing activist work in Fort Lauderdale and Chicago for several years now, supporting other activists who have been wrongfully imprisoned and those that have been targeted because of their race, gender, or class.

Please show some solidarity for someone who has done so much for others without asking for much in return. You can find the link to the crowdfunding effort here, or get involved with the Alliance’s continuing efforts to resist police brutality in Broward County.

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