July 9th: Pack the Miami Courthouse for Sebastian Gregory

For those who are not familiar with the story of Sebastian Gregory, a little over six years ago, while he was walking in his neighborhood, a Miami Dade Police Officer, Luis Perez shot Sebastian 9 times, with 6 bullets entering his body, leaving him partially paralyzed and eventually killing him.

While these officers were exonerated of any possible criminal charges some time ago, the civil suit filed by Sebastian’s parents is finally headed to trial next Monday, July 9th, at the Wilkie D. Ferguson Jr Federal Courthouse in downtown Miami.

Sebastian Gregory
Sebastian Gregory

When things like this happen the court is usually packed with police support. The family is seeking justice and support of their own. We want to show the system that the people in South Florida care about ending police brutality and will show up in numbers to something like this. We will know the exact time of the trial proceedings and an updated email will be sent out but we want to keep this on everyone’s radar. One we know more details we will be sending updates on the Facebook event page.

More than likely we will be having a speakout outside of the courtroom.

To support the family even if you cannot make it on July 9th, we are asking folks to post videos on Facebook about the injustices of Sebastian’s Gregory Case and Police Brutality in general, here’s a really good article from Miami New Times.

Read more about recent efforts from Families Against Police Brutality here.

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