McBean Family Attorney Fights Attacks on Police Victim’s Character

I have …attached a petition for a writ of certiorari that I filed…in the court of appeals seeking to reverse the trial court judge’s order requiring the production of all of Jermaine’s confidential and privileged medical and mental health records.  Peraza killed him and is now trying to demonize him – all based on the completely false premise that he needs an answer as to why Jermaine would have pointed the unloaded airgun at him.  The premise, of course, is false because every eyewitness who saw it, has said unequivocally that Jermaine never pointed it – there are now three such witnesses.  The cops never said he pointed it at them when questioned at the scene and there would have been no more relevant fact for them to report if he had.  They now claim “suicide by cop” against all of the evidence of such an outrageous claim.

Read the filing here.

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