Broward Sheriffs Office Misconduct in the Jermaine McBean Case

Deputies from the Broward Sherriff’s office have illegally entered Jermaine McBean’s apartment and tampered with his belongings. See below for a statement from the McBean family attorney–David Schoen.

“What is going on in the McBean case by the BSO and the union is so offensive it is beyond believable.  First they kill Jermaine and now they are trying to do it a second time – and his family with him this time – by going after his mental health records and attempting to dehumanize him in the same manner they did Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, etc. and make him a bipolar/schizo “mass murderer” in an effort to avoid the facts at all costs and to protect one of their own.

Originally there existed the possibility that Peraza just panicked but by pursuing this kind of defense, knowing it is a lie and that he at a minimum made a tragic mistake, it is clear that he is a lot more malevolent than that and the BSO has outed itself at his disposal.

We learned last week that after the federal civil rights case was filed, the Sheriff assigned one of his former FLPD right hand men to take ithe case over, despite orders from the state attorney to stand down.  They rightfully didn’t trust the BSO.

Detective John Curcio
BSO Det. John Curcio

That detective, John Curcio, was exposed last week for having illegally entered Jermaine’s apartment after Peraza killed him and after other BSO deputies went in and closed it. While in there with a photographer, it turns out that either the detective, the photographer, or both removed all of Jermaine’s prescription bottles from past years out of his medicine cabinet and put them all on his table so as to make it look like a massive amount of current prescriptions and to be able to claim they saw it all in plain view  (even though they had no right to be in there to see anything in plain view to begin with).

This is very very serious and we intend to bring it to the attention of the DOJ.

What goes on down there with the BSO is a kind of lawlessness they have gotten away with for a long time and is very dangerous.”

– David Shoen, attorney for the McBean Family

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