Protests in Portland Led to Police Defunding – Find Your Next Broward Protest


It has been four weeks of non-stop protests down in here in Broward. Most of them were planned by everyday people who are fed up! If you showed up to one protest or several, thank you! If you have taken action remotely through calling and/or emailing elected officials, thank you! Our demands are clear: Defund the Police and Invest in Our Communities! We hope folks have been resting when they need to rest because we need everyone to stay in the fight for the long haul. So rest, don’t quit!

The Portland City Council just announced it passed a budget last week to cut at least $15 million dollars from the police bureau, citing the recent protests of “Defunding the Police” in making their decision. The budget also included reallocating $4.8 million to a group called the Portland Street Team, a program proposed as an alternative to policing and filled with mental health experts. The proposal also cited CAHOOTS, another alternative to policing in Eugene, Oregon having an impact on their decision to radically reimagine safety in their communities.

With consistency, commitment, sacrifice, and dedication through our actions we will win. We will be defunding the police and having programs like CAHOOTS and the Street Team all across Broward County. The future looks so bright being in this fight with you!

Check out some upcoming protests and events we are supporting this week and throughout the weekend!

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