The Black Lives Matter Alliance Broward Discovers a Suspected Undercover Fort Lauderdale Police Detective in its Midst

Evidence has revealed a suspected undercover Fort Lauderdale police detective attended Black Lives Matter activities in Broward County for several months under the pretense of supporting these protest activities.
Since May of 2015, activists observed a new face attending protests and meetings relating to Black Lives Matter protests in Fort Lauderdale and elsewhere in Broward County. Known as “Nick”, he was a quiet but often-seen participant at activities such as Black Lives Matter Alliance Broward’s monthly meeting at the Unitarian Universalist ┬áChurch of Fort Lauderdale. “Nick”, however, now believed to be a suspected undercover Fort Lauderdale police detective, had a different reason for attending than simply supporting the views of this movement for racial justice.
Although these surveillance activities have occurred for some time, there are no instances anywhere in Broward County of the FLPD’s surveillance of peaceful protesters leading to arrests for alleged criminal activity. The only pattern that has emerged during this time is the FLPD’s pattern of surveillance and intimidation against peaceful protesters who have opposed the actions and policies of the police department.

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