The Morning After

“I’m sorry I’m not coming in this morning. I am literally sick to my stomach” was the text I sent to my boss and co-worker this morning to let them know I would not be in. “No worries, feel better” my boss replied. “Why, because of Trump?” my co-worker asked. Neither realizes that this is bigger than Trump.I woke up to an America that wants to be great again. Never mind the fact that Black Girls are Magic right now, or that this is the best economy America has ever experienced, brought to you by the First Black President. White people felt slighted because minorities were “winning” and they felt like they were losing their place. So they elected a man that was endorsed by not only David Duke, but also by the KKK. Let that sink in. Is this how White America felt after Barack Obama was elected President?

America is a country of immigrants started by a group of people that were tired of being oppressed by their government. So they decided to form a more perfect union where we would have liberty and justice for all. But how can people of color feel like they will be respected or receive justice in a place where we are constantly being told that racism is over, or people are color blind, or that slavery is over when at, the exact moment when we told them that Black Lives Matter, they turned around and said Fuck You? How do I expect my daughter to feel safe in a place where the confederate flag is flown high with pride? How do I tell her that she too can achieve the American Dream when America does not love her back?

As I sit here typing, I look up at a picture of the Obamas sitting on the front lawn of the White House. A house built with the blood, sweat and tears of my ancestors. I live in an America where the Supreme Court decided that major portions of the Voting Rights Act were no longer needed; so they gutted it. Then Republican Governors turned around and closed polling places and restricted access to DMVs where people of color go to get proper identification to vote. Let me be clear that I was not a fan of Hillary Clinton. I realize that the crime bills that her husband passed started the push towards mass incarceration. It opened the doors for mandatory minimums that sentenced Black men to a lifetime away from their families. I realize that the war on drugs was a ploy to push drugs into minority communities and lock our men up, when they saw that as the only way to make it in this America. But I also realize that although I was privileged enough to be raised in a two parent middle class household, and afforded the opportunity to travel the world and be exposed various people and cultures; everyone is not afforded those same opportunities. So I voted for her.

Now I do not feel safe and I blame my generation. We were coddled. We thought we overcame. We are doing better than our parents could have ever imagined; therefore, we stopped fighting. But the war has just begun. The party of Reagan now has control of the House, Senate and the Presidency. They also have the power to craft a Supreme Court that will probably be in effect for the remainder of my lifetime. That does not sit well with me.

So I have to wipe away my tears, focus my thoughts and fight. Fight for those of who will now face more criticism and oppression than they ever have in their lifetime. Fight for those that currently do not have a voice in this America. As an enlightened woman of color, I’m up for a fight. I have been fighting to be seen my entire life, so trust and believe that I am down for the cause. But I can’t do it alone. Black Live Matter Alliance Broward needs your help and commitment. We need to know that there are people, not only in Broward County, but in the world, that are willing to stand with us in this battle. People that are willing to give up their time and privilege in order to make sure that we can all live in a world where liberty and justice really does stand for all. Because if my kids or grandkids can’t feel safe, then I will make it my duty that no one else does either. We may not have the answers now, but we need people to come together so we can discover the answers collectively? Will you join us?

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