Very Important Meeting on the Future of Sistrunk This Tuesday

The Fort Lauderdale Northwest/Progresso Village/Flagler Heights Community Redevelopment Agency is an entity that has an incredible impact on the present and future of the Sistrunk community. For those unfamiliar with it, here’s a short sampling of recent stories about it. One of the biggest concerns regarding the NW CRA  is how millions of dollars have flowed from it to wealthy developers who have used it to create many “luxury residences” in downtown.  The developers, and residents, of the Flagler Village area, are largely affluent and white, and they seem to have a direct line to getting CRA developments off the ground in recent years while projects in black Sistrunk neighborhoods keep failing to materialize.

sistrunk blvdThis Tuesday morning, there’s an oddly timed and incredibly important meeting of the NW CRA advisory board – they are having a meeting to hear feedback on whether or not Flagler Village should be removed from the CRA entirely.

Should Flagler Village be removed from the NW CRA, the benefits for Sistrunk would be enormous. Up to $25 million dollars over the next 10 years would be re-managed to go towards projects on Sistrunk. The hotel and condo developers that have been profiteering off of the CRA would largely have to go elsewhere to fund their rackets. Downtown would also no longer be able to use CRA funds to buy up and replace homeless areas downtown with the greedy efficiency of the last few years.

Even if you haven’t heard of a CRA before, we urge you to try to come Tuesday, November 29th, at 9:30 am tothe CRA Conference Room at 914 Sistrunk Blvd, Suite 200 and speak out – Make the NW CRA work for Sistrunk again!

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